Embassy of India School, Moscow, Russia
Phone: 8 – 499 243 70 09 Email: principalkvm@mail.ru
भारतीय दूतावास स्कूल, मास्को, रूस
Embassy of India School, Moscow, Russia
Official Website for Kendriya Vidyalaya, Moscow
CBSE Affiliation No. 7000001
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Other Facilities & Features

The School has well equipped Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories where each child gets an opportunity to discover for himself/herself the truth behind science. The children are encouraged to innovate new projects and these projects form a part of assessment too.
 Computer Laboratory

Realizing the importance of the boom in information technology in the present day scenario, the School has equipped itself with a good computer lab. It aims to create computer literacy among the students to make them ready to face the challenges of the information age in the new millennium.Computers are installed in all the classrooms and are used as an effective teaching aid. Internet facility is provided to the students in the Computer Lab.

In tune with the change of time, teaching-learning activities are facilitated with the electronic media. We make use of OHPs, Computers, LCD projectors,Interactive Board, interactive Projectors, Smart Board for class room teaching. A good number of educational CDs are made available for different subjects.

We are having latest computer lab for the use of the senior and junior sections. They are well equipped with computers of the latest configuration, printers and latest software’s. Presently we have 55 computers with high speed broadband internet connectivity.

 Audio-Visual Aids

The teaching and learning process is reinforced with the assistance of audio-visual aids like maps, models, ordinary projectors, television and video. Educational videos are screened regularly to the students on various subjects

The School has a well equipped library, with Internet facility that caters to the thirst of knowledge of the younger minds. It has books and encyclopedias on all subjects. A library period is allotted to every class and books are also issued for study at home. Text books are supplied by the School at the beginning of the academic year.

Our library has more than 5000 books. – Our library has books for all age categories starting from story books and ending with very interesting novels. – Internet services are available in the library. – Magazines and newspapers are also available for reading in our library. – It has a large TV for watching movies/presentations.

 Medical Checkup

A regular medical checkup is done in every session by the School Doctor to ensure the proper growth of the child. The parents are made aware of the results of these checkups and suggestions to overcome any problem are given.

The purpose of the Physics Laboratory is to impart practical knowledge of the different concepts taught in the class rooms. The laboratory can accommodate 10 students in a batch. Experiments in light, sound, electricity, thermodynamics and electronics can be conducted in the laboratory for students from Classes IX to XII. The laboratory is well equipped with all necessary equipments for such experiments like different types of meters like potentiometer, calorimeter, galvanometer, bridges, helical springs, lenses, mirrors, sonometer, barometers etc. These are used by the students to perform different experiments. The laboratory also has an LCD projector for the use of teachers. Students are supplied with apparatus necessary for a particular experiment in a few activities where group work is needed. The practical classes held in the laboratory have enabled students to get first hand working knowledge about all the concepts that they have learned and to encourage them to do further experiment. The cycle of experiments and other information are displayed in the laboratory.

Chemistry lab is well equipped with all necessary apparatus and chemicals for conducting various practicals for classes IX to XII. A separate store room is provided to keep the chemicals in chronological order for better maintenance and upkeep of chemicals. Metal cupboards carrying different reagent bottles and chemicals are fixed in chemistry lab just above the working table for easy handling of chemicals during the practical/demo periods. Chemistry lab can accommodate maximum of 10 students per batch. All the chemicals required for conducting various activities are readily available for classes VI to VIII. In addition to all the mandatory experiments to be conducted as per the CBSE curriculum, we also procured and possessing necessary chemicals to perform different investigatory projects for the students of higher classes. A computer with internet facility is provided for the use of ICT. To meet any emergency situation it is also provided with a First Aid box and fire extinguisher.

  • The life sciences department is destined to give a touch of life to the system.

  • The dept. has a laboratory with ample specimens depicting diversity.

  • There is sufficient availability of instruments like microscopes, glass ware, chemicals etc.

  • Students are free to make use of the lab. to get first hand experience of scientific methodology.

  • Interaction method is used for enhancing learning besides the use of ICT.